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China Galileo Industries (CGI) was founded in December 2004 by China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation, China Electronic Technology Corporation, China Satellite Communication, China Academy of Space Technology, and Shanghai Galileo Industries based on the China-EU Cooperation Agreement on Galileo program. CGI is one of the leading GNSS companies in China and the prime contractor for all Galileo-related programs in China which include the development of Space, Ground, Application segment.
CGI is specialized in researching and developing of Satellite Navigation system, manufacturing and marketing of the navigation product and service, operating, providing other relevant service. CGI will streamline all the Satellite Navigation resources in China to participate in the Galileo construction in a worldwide range. Under the leadership of China Ministry of Science and Technology, CGI is featured to be the Satellite Navigation leader in China.
Address:27F, Tower A, In.Do Mansion, No.48A, Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100098, China
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